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Huánuco Intestinal Parasite Clinics

So this is an interesting story… In February, earlier this year, I was at the embassy in Lima to take care of some business. I noticed a family there (I assumed American) with a Peruvian girl. I introduced myself and discovered they were adopting the little girl, Sofia. I then stated that I am a social worker and would be interested in hearing their story of the adoption process here in Peru. We talked throughout the time we were both there and Sofia seemed to be settling into her new family quite nicely. About a week later, I received an email from my adoption agency forwarding an email from this woman at the embassy. She stated she had more questions about how to get resources to the children’s home in Huánuco. She stated that she really wants to be able to worm all the children in the home and so we began to discuss how to go about doing that. Zalo and I set up everything on this end of things and she did what she could from that end. Communication was difficult at times and it took us a while to get everything coordinated and scheduled. But finally, this past weekend, Zalo and I were able to travel to Huánuco to offer the pills to the children’s home. The home is called Santa Maria de Guadalupe and is run by the Catholic church here in Peru. We had an 8-hour bus trip and left late Thurday night. We arrived the next morning and Sisters Carmela and Fanny were at the bus station waiting for us. We checked into to hotel, had breakfast with the sisters and then went to the office at the home so as to coordinate all of the next day’s events with the social worker there. We wanted to offer the pills to as many people as possible so we were able to have the clinic at another children’s home and a feeding center in the city. After the clinics we were able to show Veggie Tale videos, which they have never heard of, and they were a big hit! With these clinics, we simply give a short teaching on basic hygiene, in relationship to preventing parasites and the dangers they pose to our bodies. In the end, we gave pills to about 300 people.

The children’s home – Pillco Mozo

Hogar Pillco Mozo (children's home)

Hogar Pillco Mozo

Hogar Pillco Mozo





After we finished they sang us three songs in gratitude for coming to their home..here’s a portion: Willy, the song leader was raised in this home and now is one of the home’s leaders…

The Community Feeding Center – mainly older adults



The children’s home – Santa Maria de Guadalupe


After we finished the clinics for the day, we were invited by the girls to come join them for a bonfire that night. It’s something special they do every once in a while for the older girls. We got there and the fire was going and all the girls were in their flanel pajamas and singing songs. We played Charades and roasted marshmallows (I showed them that when the marshmallows are a little bit charred, they’re more delicious); we danced and had a great time (I forgot my camera, but am hoping to get pictures from Ramona and Theresa, two young girls from Germany who are working for 9 months in the home).


with Nina, Sonya, and Sister Carmela


The Anthropology of Turquoise

“For a homebody surrounded by the familiar or a traveler exploring the strange, there can be no better guide to a place than the weight of its air, the behavior of its light, the shape of its water, the textures of rock and feather, leaf and fur, and the ways that humans bless, mark, or obliterate them. Each of us possesses five fundamental, enthralling maps to the natural world: sight, touch,, taste, hearing, smell. As we unravel the threads that bind us to nature, as denizens of data and artifice, amid crowds and clutter, we become miserly with these loyal and exquisite guides, we numb our sensory intelligence. This failure of attention will make orphans of us all.”

from The Anthropology of Turquoise by Ellen Meloy

ssshh, I stole this from Tiff’s page

A Weekend in Tarapoto to Deliver the Wheelchairs

The kids have their wheelchairs and I’m very pleased. We had shipped the chairs last week to Tarapoto and our friend, Lupe, picked them up and took them to her house. We left Friday afternoon and arrived just an hour later in Tarapoto. It’s still hot in Lima and so I was so happy to get to Tarapoto and feel the cool fresh air and later listen to the rain on the tin roof. Saturday morning we went immediately to the children’s home to take the chairs. Our friend, Iris, put together a program for the kids of games and dancing, so while they were having fun, we were fitting Maria and Angel in their chairs. Maria’s a little small for her chair now, but she has lots of room for growth so I think that she will be able to use this chair for several years. We did add a head rest for her which will give her support when her neck gets tired (because she can hold her head up already for periods of time), but will help her to build those neck muscles and improve in holding her head up. Again, we want to thank all of you who made is little BIG thing possible for these two beautiful ones. Below are pictures and video…enjoy.

We also had a great time of sharing the Bible with a couple of small groups. Lupe is hosting a Bible study in her home, as well as, Irma, another sister. Our emphasis is to encourage people to read the Bible for themselves. Since about two years ago, we have not felt the desire to continue working with the church we have worked with in the past in Tarapoto. This weekend confirmed these feelings as we had the opportunity to speak with many people who presently attend the church and it seems, through their testimonies, that the church is heading in an extremely dangerous direction and moving further and further away from solid Biblical principles, doctrines, actions, and teachings. We are not directly teaching people to leave the church, but rather to “test the spirits,” as the Bible says, and read, study, and meditate on the Bible to as to have the solid grounding needed in order to weather the storms that come against us in the world. We would like to continue working with Lupe and some of these side study groups so as to encourage them in their spiritual growth and support of one another. We will be working with Clarksfork Warriors for Christ and other mission groups to see what God lays on our hearts in order to support these folks. If you have a heart for teaching the Bible and are interested in developing curriculum and/or coming to help in this project, let us know. See pictures below.

The chairs, after being shipped, awaiting delivery.

Chairs as they were shipped

Remember this?! This WAS Maria’s chair…


Now look at her with her very own NEW chair!!!!


Angel and HIS CHAIR!!




Maria and one of the home mothers dancing!


more dancing…



Zalo helping to add Maria’s headrest



And here’s the final product with a BIG smile from Maria for all of you who made this possible!!

some more pics with the kids:

Sister Rosa in her pretty pink blouse


Zalo gettin’ jiggy with it


Iris and Lupe



Where’s Waldo?!! Where’s Zalo??!?



Lupe giving thanks to God for the opportunity to share the love of God with the kids at the home.

And now a few pictures from the Bible studies:

the ladies getting suckered into a song for the kids…too much fun


Zalo teaching at Irma’s church


after the study at Lupe’s house



Migraines, mining, and more on the wheelchairs…

This summer has been HOT. Of course I’m speaking as a white girl that loves British Isle weather…but it is hot for me. At least it’s a dry heat because we’re in the desert, but being so much closer to the equator makes the sun feel as though it’s sitting on top of your head. I have come to think that it’s one of the major causes for the migraines I’ve suddenly developed. This summer I’ve already had about four of varying degrees but none fun. I’ve never experienced them before and they are certainly not a welcomed party to the mix of new allergies and other problems I’ve picked up since moving here! I don’t like to take medicine and I’ve heard that migraines build an immunity to the medicine when you take too much of it, so I’m attempting to balance the meds with other home remedies and sleep.

We’ve got good news on the job front – we’re teaching English in a mining company. All last year Zalo was teaching private students, which usually tend to wane in motivation and commitment levels. He started with another company in January, but those students, even though they were part of the same company, were paying as individuals, and also became discouraged and lost their motivation. However, this mining company is a situation much improved because the company is actually paying us. It’s a much securer financial situation on our part and we are grateful for it. So we are teaching all levels of English – Zalo is teaching basic and I am teaching intermediate and advanced. It’s actually been a lot of fun and I’m enjoying the adults much more than the kids, like the school setting we were in last year. I’ve introduced them to the game Cranium and they LOVE it. Cranium is great because it gives them lots of challenging material for their English, but it also uses a variety of skills and for a traditionally timid culture, like Peruvian, it helps them to break out of these constraints.

And last but not least, the wheelchairs! They have arrived! We participated one day in the wheelchair campaign by Eleanore’s Project, Inc. and were able to pick up our chairs then. We have purchased our tickets for Tarapoto but are running into red tape issues in regards to transporting the chairs. We can’t take them on the plane with us so we will have to box them up and send them in air cargo a week before; which won’t be a problem so much as a pain. But they’ll get there, either way! We’ve notified the children’s home we’re coming and praying that everything goes well. The home is extremely lax in communicating with me, unfortunately. So we are just praying that there have been no major changes to the situation or persons there that will inhibit or interfere with getting these chairs to Maria and Angel.


This is Richard working on one of our chairs…he added a head rest and we’re very grateful to him for that.


This is Sammie, one of the OTs, working on another chair.

Other than that…I’m just hoping that it cools off soon. We’re still in the process of gathering needed documents for Zalo’s visa process. We are hoping to have everything we need to be able to have his interview in May. We’ll keep you posted. Please be praying that we receive gracious persons during our application and interview processes, which, in the embassy can be a difficult thing at times.

Worming Clinic and Water Filtration Systems, oh, and good friends!

February 28th — WORMING CLINIC —

What a great day!! It was a wonderful success, seeing as how most of the organization was done through emails! Everything went smoothly and we just had a great time together.

We began by registering each mother’s information and a count of every person (adult and child) in her household. After the registration, Brother Hernan began a teaching with a great flip chart, explaining to the mothers what parasites are, how they damage and steal nutrition from your body, and therefore why we need and how we will begin to cleanse their bodies of the parasites. After the teaching we then had their pills ready and called them by each family name, giving them sufficient pills to treat the entire household!

Jeff had planned to put together the water filtration system for the school and for our house as well. He began putting the buckets together where the mothers could see and before long we were explaining the importance of clean water and how this system uses no energy, so it will also save them money! It was so exciting to be able to talk to them but then to see the interest in their eyes and the fact that they looked at the system saying, “That’s easy! I can do that!!” What a gift to know that there are small things, that even with limited funds, we can do to bring significant change to their lives. So I have no doubt that when we advertise our first workshop on the filtration system, we’ll have a great response!!

Be sure to go see the pictures!!

Those who helped and participated were:
Pastor Juan Fonseca
Sister Abia (director of the school at Gamaliel)
AW & Cheryle Martin
Jeff & Carol Morgan (Change a Life, Internat’l (CHALI))
Hernan (Peruvian brother who taught and gave evangelical message)
Mary (new Canadian friend living and serving in Peru)
Josman (Zalo’s English student)
Zalo and I
A BIG thanks to everyone!!


Upcoming events/news:

✏ SCHOOL STARTS MONDAY, 2 March 2009! Along with Cheryle Martin, we’re going to be providing school supplies this week to the most needy children.

✏ WATER FILTRATION SYSTEM is installed at the school!! Thanks to Jeff, who gave us the idea, Mike and the Martins, who supplied funding, the school kids will start this year with CLEAN DRINKING WATER!! However, we need cups, so I’m going to go this week to buy sturdy plastic cups and write each child’s name on his/her own cup!!


Check out our slideshow of the whole day —

Click to play this Smilebox slideshow: Worm Clinic at Gamaliel

And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to Him must believe that He exists and that He is a rewarder of those who earnestly seek Him.
Hebrews 11.6

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